1. How do I get a profile picture on my Draw Something profile?

You have to log in via your Facebook account. You picture that is on Facebook as a profilepicture will also be your profilepicture at Draw Something.

2. How do I delete a Draw Something game?

Go to the mainscreen of Draw Something where all your games are listed. Swipe your finger over the gameplayer you want to remove. When you do this a pink button will appear, with the word ‘delete’ in there. Push that button and the game will be deleted.

3. Who owns Draw Something?

Draw Something is created by OMGPOP. Zynga bought Draw Somthing from them for a rumoured 180 million.

4. What’s the difference between the free Draw Something app and the paid version?

The paid version offers more words and extra bonuses. The free version also has advertisments that appear, which the paid version doesn’t have.

5. Is there an archive of the previous drawings I made?

At this time there is no such feature. It is considered in the future.

6. How do I keep track of the colours I purchased?

Swipe left and right on the color panel to see all the colors you purchased.

7. What is the goal of playing Draw Something?

You have to draw, as good as possible, the given word, so your opponent can guess it properly. Your opponent gets the letters of that word, to make it easier. You can’t really talk about opponent, it’s more of a collaboration.

8. What is the purpose of "bombs"?

The bombs are created to make Draw Something less hard. A bomb is a helpline, when you push the bomb button a few letters will fall off, which makes it easier to guess the word.

9. What can I do with my earned coins?

With coins you can can buy extra options to make your game easier. You can buy extra bombs for instance. You can also buy extra colours for your drawings.

10. Can I play Draw Something on the computer?

No, you can’t. Draw Something is only developed for mobile phones and tablets.

11.What phones are suitable for playing Draw Something?

Almost every phone and tablet that has an internet connection and phones that run on Android or Apple OS are suitable for Draw Something. Windows 7 doesn’t support Draw Something.